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Michele Ogilvie was born in Nakuru, Kenya during the rule of Jomo Kenyatta and the political uprisings against apartheid. She was initiated into a world of racial and economic disparity at a very early age. Her mother was born in Antwerp and raised in Brussels, Belgium during World War II.  Her father, born in Kenya, was among the first British colonials of East Africa. Ogilvie's parents started their family in Nairobi, but because of the brutal Mau-Mau rebellions and Kenya’s political unrest, they immigrated to the United States in the mid 60’s. Michele was six years old at the time.

Ogilvie earned her BA, plus MFA in Studio Art and CA Teaching Credential from CSU. She has worked as a Graphic Designer, Special Projects Art Director, Illustrator, and Fine Artist. During the past 14 years she has also taught classes at the Secondary, and University levels such as Color Theory, Ceramics, 3-D Design, Studio Problems in Teaching Art, Photography, AP Studio Art, plus Drawing and Painting. 

Michele Ogilvie is a Los Angeles based expressionistic artist that works with fabricated mixed media narrative constructions, sculpture, ceramics, painting, and drawing. For the past 25 years she has created and exhibited artwork that is concerned with existential and humanist concepts such as fate, chance, transience and loss. She is also a serious yoga & holistic health practitioner, and an art educator. Ogilvie attributes the study of anatomy, meditation and mind/body/spirit interconnections as the inspiration for much of her recent work. This includes her interest in sacred instruments such as didgeridoos and pentatonic flutes. A few years ago, she launched "Urban Didj", as an on-line venue for sharing and selling her instruments.

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Michele currently lives and works in Los Angeles and can be reached by clicking here.