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**Giclee is a cutting-edge, professional museum quality 8- to 12-color (as opposed to the four-color process you see in magazines) printing process that takes the place of the outdated Iris and offset CYMK four-color printing. The process uses a highly refined ink jet print head that has thousands of tiny nozzles that spray very fine, overlapping layers of archival pigment onto 100 percent rag archival acid-free paper. This technique is being recognized more and more by internationally known artists and prestigious galleries worldwide.​

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“This is a series that I created in the spirit of personal and universal healing. On one level the paintings are abstract and expressionistic. On a deeper level they are meditation tools, or Yantras. A Yantra is the visual equivalent of a sound mantra, such as Aum. They are used to support an intention to turn inward, balance the mind and focus spiritual interconnectness.”​

“The tree series called Axis Mundi captures the essence of how energy moves through and around nature. I chose to focus on the tree because it represents an axis that not only grounds itself to the earth but also reaches to the sky.”

“It’s a symbol that depicts the potential of our lives. It gets tangled, bends, curves and sometimes breaks, yet it is always resilient and continues to grow and branch toward the light.”


A “showing” of Michele’s recent burstings — beautiful Giclee** prints — and her thoughts on them.

By Liese Gardner

We all draw from our nature, but few of us explore our nature through drawing and art. We are blessed by people who can do this — who express the passion and beauty that is within and around us. These are people who see the world differently — who can translate even the most everyday occurrences into something that touches our collective souls be it a sculpture, a painting, a poem or a photograph. People such as Michele Ogilvie.

When I first met her years ago, she was creating intricate multi-media sculptures that exquisitely expressed emotions and inner worlds rich in layers of meaning. Each revealed the passion within Michele to understand her interior world and how it related to the exterior world.

Throughout the years Michele’s passion for art, nature, yoga and philosophy have transformed (and of course, continue to transform) not only who she is but what her art is to her and what it says to us, the viewers.

“About three years ago,” she says,” I felt the need to simplify my work. I put away my torches, hammers and nails and picked up a pen and sketchbook. The decision was liberating and it brought me closer to the understanding that the act of creating is a dance between meditation, dreaming, surrendering and intention. This was the catalyst for Burst (more about Burst below).”

“The short answer is that I’m inspired to create when I’m moved by an experience, sensation, thought or idea that bursts out of my head and heart and onto canvas. It’s an explosion of gratitude and it comes from a place of acknowledging that the mind, body, and soul connect and tie our world together on an intimate as well as global scale”

“The piece of art is sort of like confetti at the end of a celebration.”

“Simple things. It doesn’t take much to get me amped. I’m in awe of nature — watching roses grow, diving through waves in the ocean and walking without an umbrella in the rain. A lot of my imagery is taken from things like this. I am fueled by the invisible essence of people, places and things — that which we don’t really see but can feel and intuit. The soul that generates our lives and experiences. It seems to me that when we get to the center of this, we can meet the truth of who we really are and have real conversions about our likenesses and differences from a place of respect, compassion and creativity.

“Essentially, I am fueled by life and living.”

This past year Michele truly Burst forth with a new website and several blogs that allow her to explore the same themes yet also to share her art and passion more freely and allow a great number of people to own them and enjoy the work in their own environments.

I love that she called it “Burst.” The word is perfect for all that she wants to convey.

“It says it all in so many ways,” she says. “To give way to extreme emotion — as in my heart will burst; to emerge or spring suddenly — to burst onto the scene; and to be filled to the breaking point — to burst with excitement.”


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