Sacred Anatomy I is an abstract rendering of the human torso in motion. It aims to express the fluidity and movement of water within the energy field of the human form. It is mixed media and ink.

These pieces are abstract renderings inspired by the fact that the adult human body is between 55 and 60% water, (blood contains almost 70% water) while the surface of planet earth is covered by 70% ocean water.  Many pre-industrial cultures around the globe acknowledged the interconnected relationship between humankind and mother earth. Our similar water ratio offers an important consideration: that the condition and ultimate fate of the earth and all of humankind are one and the same.

There are many of us who believe we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift that advocates a return to holistic health and healing on a personal, communal and global scale. The micro/macro energetic similarities between human and global anatomy are all at once metaphorically poetic and scientific.  While acknowledging Water as life sustaining Source—I offer these paintings as universal shamanic meditations towards health and healing.

Zero Point Field XI is an abstract rendering that speaks to the micro and macro relationships of water in the human body and the earth.  


Blue Planet Catalog, SCWCA