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Axis Mundi means earth axis. It is a cross-cultural symbol that takes many forms, and appears in almost every region of the world. It symbolizes a bridge or connection between sky and earth or between the spiritual and the physical. The symbol is both feminine and masculine. It often takes the form of a natural object such as a mountain, or a tree. Human-made objects such as totems, towers, pillars and crosses are also often associated with Axis Mundi.

I recognize trees, as Axis Mundi. The trees I have chosen to paint are city trees. I pass by them every day. They are complex. They are grounded in the expression, anatomy and motion of ordinary people, dancers and yogis. Their roots are firmly planted, while their branches reach towards the ethereal sky. These trees are symbols that express the potential of our lives. They get tangled, bend, curve and sometimes even break; yet they are always resilient and continue to aspire towards their highest potential. —mo  
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