Michele Ogilvie - Mixed Media Narrative Constructions, Sculpture, Painting & Drawing, Ceramics. Also sacred instruments such as Didgeridoos & Pentatonic Flutes.



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BORN              Nakuru, Kenya—East Africa
STUDIO          Los Angeles, CA

2003                MFA Studio Art — California State University Northridge
2003                California Teaching Credential CLAD, Single Subject: Art — CSUN
1987                BA Studio Art — California State University Northridge


2017                Keystone Art Space Open Studio  • Los Angeles CA — Retrospective

2003                California State University, Northridge • West Gallery — Iconography of Principle Desire
2001                Elena Zass Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA — Nirvitarka
2000                Elena Zass Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA — Who Do You Love?
1994                Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA — Dynamics of Balance
1993                Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, University of Nevada, NV —The Narrative Object 
1993                Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA — Constructions
1989                Eatz - Alternate space, Westlake, CA — New Work

2018                Keystone Art Space — Mother's, Eggshells and the People Who Birth Us; curator K. Abeles

2016/17           Keystone Art Space Gallery Artist Group Show

2013                USC Institute of Genetic Medicine Gallery, Los Angeles, CA — Bridges to the Soul Exhibit 
2013                Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA — Fourth Annual Peace Project Traveling Exhibit
2012                Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA — Third Annual Peace Project Traveling Exhibit
2010                SOMARTS, ECO-Art Conference, San Francisco, CA — Blue Planet; curator—Kim Abeles
2010                Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA — Brilliant Paintings & Amazing Ceramics; curator—Betty Brown
2010                Yoga Gives Back, Center For Yoga, Los Angeles, CA
2010                Siren Studios, Los Angeles, CA — GETART3:  Project Angel Food Art Event
2009                Brentwood School Faculty Show —Los Angeles CA
2006                SCWCA: Up Close and Personal, Los Angeles CA, Curator’s Choice — Michele Cairella
2005                University of Channel Islands, CA — Encaustic Works, curator—Sylvia Torres
2004                The Coronet Theatre, Los Angeles, CA — Menopause the Musical: “40 x 40”—Invitational
2003                University of Channel Islands, CA — PLUCK
2002                Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Preview Room)
2001                Elena Zass Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA — Translating Angels
2000                Elena Zass Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA — 12 Signs of the Zodiac
2000                Harry Wood Gallery, Arizona State University, AZ — Ghost Machine Print Project
1998                Rico Gallery, Santa Monica, CA — California Assemblage
1997                Barnsdall Art Center, Los Angeles, CA — Assemblage & Collage; curator—John Outterbridge
1996                Cooperstown Art Association, New York — National 1996
1995                Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico — Scene/ Unseen
1995                Long Beach Arts Gallery, Long Beach, CA — California Regional; curator—Patricia Correia
1995                Riverside Museum of Art, CA — Trees: a multi-media survey of trees; curator—Jim Reed
1994                Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles — Divine Design’s Project Angel Food
1994                Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) Barnsdall — Underexposed (photo-driven work)
1994                City of Brea Gallery, Brea, CA — Carte Blanche
1994                Agora Gallery, Soho, New York — International juried show
1994                Gallery IV, Los Angeles, CA — Artist as Visionary
1994                Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA — Closing the Chapter
1993                Los Angeles, CA — DADA, Downtown Lives
1993                William Grant Still Art Center, Los Angeles, CA — California Regional
1993—2001      Annual Venice Art Walk & Silent Auction, Venice, CA
1993                California State University, Northridge — School of the Arts First Annual Auction
1993                Gallery IV, Los Angeles, CA — Dreams and Demons
1992                Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA — Art/LA92 International
1992                Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA — A Roof of One’s Own
1992                Matrix Gallery, Sacramento, CA — ’92 Women’s National

2006—Present  Brentwood School (College Prep.)—Upper Division Faculty: Ceramics/Sculpture
2004—06         Culver City High, CA—Upper Division Faculty: Drawing; Painting; Photography
2004                California State University, Northridge—Adjunct Instructor: 3-D Design Foundations
2004                Taft High, Woodland Hills, CA — Teacher: Drawing and Painting (Summer School)
2004                Conejo Valley Art Museum—Served as Juror for Conejo Annual Art Walk— 2004
2004                California State University, Northridge—Adjunct Instructor: Studio Problems in Teaching Art
2004                California State University, Northridge—Adjunct Instructor: Ceramics
2003                California State University, Northridge—Teaching Associate: Ceramics
2003                California State University, Northridge—LAUSD Smart Day— Storyboarding
2003                California State University, Northridge—Teaching Associate: Color Theory
2002                California State University, Northridge—Teaching Associate: 3-D Design Foundations
2002/03           LAUSD, Southern California Art Education Association; Neighborhood Ceramic Workshops 
2002/03           Juried “Third Annual LAUSD Clay Day” hosted by California State University, Northridge

2004                Outstanding Achievement in Art Education: LA County Art Education Council
2003                Graduate Equity Fellowship: California State University, Northridge
2003                Lauritzen Memorial Scholarship Award: California State University, Northridge
2002                Extraordinary Achievement in Art Award: California State University Arts Council
2002                Graduate Research and Thesis Award: California State University, Northridge
1995                Long Beach Arts Gallery, CA — Honorary Mention
1994                California Discovery — Silver Award in Mixed Media
1992                Matrix Gallery, Sacramento, CA — First Place in National 3-D Category

2001                Elena Zass Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA — concurrent with solo exhibition
1994                Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA — concurrent with solo exhibition
1993                Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, University of Nevada — invited guest speaker
1993                Sisters of the Holy Cross Convent, Mission Hills, CA — invited guest speaker
1993                Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA — concurrent with solo exhibition

Don Gerrard—Del Mar, CA; Deborah Carnow—Seattle, WA; Glenn & Sandra Levie—Beverly Hills, CA; Jorge Alonso—LosAngeles, CA; Alice Haynes Stein—Pacific Palisades, CA; Donna Weiss—Malibu, CA; Brian Boyé—New York, NY; Melissa Barnett—Pasadena, CA; Leo Michelson—Portland, OR; Joy & Jerry Monkarsh—Beverly Hills, CA; Ralph & Sheila Pickett—Saragota, CA; Bernard and Peggy Lewak—Tarzana, CA; Leo and Sherry Frumkin—Tarzana, CA; Bee Coleman—Venice, CA; Dr. Karen Kornreich & Dr. Leonard Leuchstein—Santa Monica, CA; Thelma and Andrew Kornreich—Encino, CA; Rubin Turner—Beverly Hills, CA; Carine and Troy Clewis—Stevenson’s Ranch, CA; Marco Céphale—Brussels, Belgium; Asher and Wendy Kelman—Beverly Hills, CA; Phyllis and David Rothman—Los Angeles, CA; Svetlana Darsalia—Los Angeles, CA; Marina Letuchaya—Mexico City, Mexico; Jacques Jacobs—Thousand Oaks, CA; Barbara Lozzatto—Santa Monica, CA; Elena Zass—Los Angeles, CA; Rochelle McReynolds—San Francisco, CA; Jonathan Jensnold—Marina Del Ray, CA; Paul Pursley—New Orleans, LA; Larissa Merzbech—Silver Lake, CA; Robyn Ekstrom—Laguna Beach, CA; Doreen Scarano—Laguna Beach, CA; Diane I. Rooney—Boston, MA; Lara and Misha Sass—Orange County, CA; Michael Ito—Boise, Idaho 

2018               http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-michele-ogilvie

2010               Elements: An Eco Art Conference: Blue Planet Exhibition Catalog (illustrated)
2010               Michele Ogilvie: Fueled by a Burst of Inspiration—FUEL blog article by Liese Gardner 
2003               CSUN Daily Sundial, Peace Tree-ty (cover- illustrated)
2001               Laguna Beach Press, review: Elena Zass Gallery artists, (illustrated)
2000               Laguna Beach Press, review: Elena Zass Gallery — “12 Signs of the Zodiac” 2000,(illustrated)
1996               Venice Art Walk ’96 Catalog, pg 60 (bio; illustrated)
1995               Venice Art Walk ’95 Catalog, pgs 1, 46 (bio; illustrated)
1994               Venice Art Walk ’94 Catalog, pgs 5, 20 (bio; illustrated)
1994               Visions Art Quarterly, Spring/1994, (review: Steven Peckman; illustrated)
1994               Brea Progress (The Orange County Register,) “Carte Blanche” (review; illustrated)
1993               LA Weekly, “Pick of the Week,” (illustrated)
1993               Los Angeles Times Sunday Calendar, April 25, 1993, (review: Nancy Kapitanoff; illustrated) 

1993               Venice Art Walk ’93 Catalog, pgs 16, 143 (bio; illustrated)
1993               Venice Family Clinic 14th Annual Press: “Welcomes 13 New Artists,” (bio; illustrated)
1993               Park La Brea News, Beverly Press, (show spotlight; illustrated)
1989               Baker Communications/Acorn Press, (review; illustrated)

HOLISTIC HEALTH RELATED____________________________________

2007               IPSB—Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing Certification (150 hours)
2006               Yoga Works Teacher Training Certification (200 hours)*

2005               YogaWorks Roots of Yoga, In Depth Study (100 hours)**

— Full Body Circulatory Massage

— Deep Circulatory Massage
— Passive Joint Mobilization
— Anatomy/Physiology
— Thai Chi
— Holistic Philosophy
— Body Psychology
— Communication Skills, Hygiene
— Business, Ethics, Legalities & Equipment Usage

— Pathology & Orthopedic Evaluation with Dr. Medici
— Structural/Muscle Deep Tissue with Brian Campbell
— Cranial Sacral I with Gary Strauss

— Cranial Sacral II with Ellen Head
— Anatomy/Physiology with Brian Campbell
— Acupressure with Gil
— Medicinal Aromatherapy with Siddiqa Salter, Wisdom of the Earth
— Reiki I & II with Arleta Soares
— Sensory Repatterning/Joint Mobilization with Elizabeth Jocobowitz
— Forearm Dance with Val Guin

*INSTRUCTORS: Natasha Rizopoulos/Jeanne Heileman; Anatomy—Ellen Heed; Ayurveda—Mela Butcher

**INSTRUCTORS: Lisa Walford/Annie Carpenter; Ashtanga—Simi Cruz; Iyengar—Paul Cabanis/Marla Apt; Therapeutic—Jasmine Lieb


Aadil Palkhivala — Padmasana and Meditation Workshop
Dr.Christopher Chapple — The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 10 week study

Erich Schiffmann — Moving into Stillness: Meditation Workshop
Lisa Walford — Pranayama — 12 week practice and study 

Annie Carpenter — Anatomy and Movement
Jeanne Heileman — Hip Opener Workshops; Gayatri; Tantric Journey Series

Saul David Raye/Seanne Corn — Maui Retreat—2000
Shakti Workshop — Katrina Benefit

SherryBrourman, PT — Walkright Workshop,Healing your Knees

Yoga Shiva Rea — Various workshops including: Trance Dance, Chakra Study


2008—2010  Massage Therapist/Holistic Bodywork  • Healing Hands, Miracle Mile, CA
2007-2008  Massage Therapist/Holistic Bodywork  •  Bridges to Recovery, Malibu, CA

1994—2001 Special Projects Art Director • Miramar /Primedia Intertec, Malibu, CA
Designed and produced all ancillary products including: tabletop books, special cover design, industry trade show promotional material, special issue magazine editorials and support material.

1991—1993 Graphic Designer • Miramar Communications, Culver City, CA
Executed traditional and computer illustration. Produced trade magazines, ad design, resource material, and media kits. Proficient in Photoshop, Quark, DreamWeaver, Microsoft Word, In Design

1988—1991 Graphic Designer Freelance Illustration/ Design Los Angeles, CA
Client list: Video Reporter; Scuba Luv Aquatics; Sedona California Cuisine; Joan Young Co. Realtors; Adipose Systems; AARP; D’Antoni Designs; Hollysoft; Peterson Publishing; Working World; Glenco Publishing; Parkinson Design; The Beverly Press; Pisano Publications; Miramar Communications

1987— 1988 Graphic Designer • Marcoa Publications, San Diego, CA

Designed 4-color area guidebooks and annual advertisements.

1986—1987 Darkroom Lab Technician • Pro-Photo, Northridge, CA
In charge of processing and retouching black/white and color enlargements.

1983—1986 Jewelry Manufacturer • Marcin Jewelry, Van Nuys, CA
Fabricated fine and production jewelry in gold, silver, brass, copper, and nickel. Proficient in the following techniques: etching, handmade chain, lost wax casting, precision piercing, soldering, brazing and welding. 

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