2013 — Present  •  EVERY KINGDOM 

The series Every Kingdom includes paintings and mixed media sculpture that reflect a whimsical world that bursts with energetic gesture and layers of visual innuendo such as disoriented architectural symbols: doorways, windows and stairs; plus figures and aspects of nature. Many viewers have commented that this body of work provokes utopian and dystopian dialogues. The play between these fields is on my mind a lot these days, as we struggle to find a sense of homeostasis during a time in history that both frightens and intrigues. Simply stated, these pieces are poetic renderings that want to touch a sense of place, purpose and meaning, in a world that is over stimulated and often philosophically absurd. There is always too much to take in and so my abstracted gestures race about in hope of constructing a map towards discovering the unanswerable questions that to some degree confront us all.

every kingdoM • 2013 — 2015

Acrylic and oil on canvas  •  30 x 24"

2013  •  Every Kingdom, Series  •  Acrylic on canvas   •  approx. 24 x 30"