2013 — Present  •  EVERY KINGDOM 

This work is improvisational— in the spirit of music, born from emotional, spontaneous textures, unconscious and expressive. The pieces are meant to ask more than to explain. As in all of my work, the questions are existential, buried within the frame of rhythmic notation, disoriented architectural symbols such as doorways, windows and stairs, plus figures and aspects of nature. Arising from philosophical and spiritual conversations, my questions have no answers. They are simply poetic renderings that want to touch a sense of meaning, but cannot. There is always too much to take in and so I sculpt and paint in the hope of constructing a map towards discovery to the unanswerable questions, that to some degree confront us all. —mo, 2013

every kingdoM • 2013 — 2016

Mixed Media: Clay, glaze, paint, ink, metal