Still Point represents a state of homeostasis that is often referred to in the healing arts such as Yoga, Reiki, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. In essence, it describes a condition of spaciousness and timelessness that pulses between mortality and immortality. I see it as a place of surrender and acceptance of the things that are greater than one’s self. It is an elusive state of peace and knowingness that rests in the pause between our inhale and our exhale. 

In this series, I return to the vessel form as humankind’s signifier. Each piece is created using the potter’s wheel so as to contain the essence of earth’s rotation, plus the energy of balance. At the leather hard stage they are carved and shaped.  Terra sigillata (sealed earth) is used for the monochromatic, burnished surface. After firing precious handmade objects are added selectively—sometimes carved from porcelain, polymer clay, or fabricated metal. —mo, 2012

Still point • 2011 — 2013

White Stoneware with terra sigillata  •  approx. 10 x 12"                       Click each image for close up views.