1995 — 1998  •  Who Do you love?

This series uses intricate brass castings and original oil paintings of portraits masked and de-gendered as focal points in each piece. This work is a sardonic journey through the subconscious focusing on the abstract concept of romantic ‘love’ as experienced by the individual and society. It looks to the stage and the Theater of the Absurd with an eye on humankind’s relationship to love, nature,  and society. Each piece expresses the literary dynamics of protagonist vs. antagonist. The characters are masked, and androgynous in order to portray a universal anonymity. They are often portrayed simply by head and by heart. Imagery such as fruits, mirrors, spheres, metal eggs, stones, wish bones, coins and chalets combine to tell a story rich in metaphor. In some ways, it is reminiscent of the surrealistic style of Hieronymus Bosch, 1500. The introduction of the head carvings can be attributed most definitely to the influence of the contemporary artist John Frame. His unrestricted use of refined and detailed carvings paved the way to expand on the technical and conceptual potential of mixed media. The boxes are treated as psychological containers for imagery and objects that ultimately poke fun at the obstacles and predicaments that confront us in passion, relationships and romantic love. —mo, 1998

WHO DO YOU LOVE?  • 1995 — 1998

Hydrostone with original oil paintings and fabricated objects