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Once upon a time in a land not so far from here was a sleepy little hillside by a river bank that was home to a sunflower named Ramir. 

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Even though Ramir was a sunflower—the sunniest flower around, he often fest quite sad; because you see, he was the only sunflower on this river bank in this sleepy little town. He often cried quietly by himself in the the night. 

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Well the moon ranked high in this big night sky and often called down to Ramir with kind words and poetry. She tried to remind him — you see, of his destiny — that he was meant to be bright and shiny every, single hour.

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"But that is so cruel", he would say... "That I was given this fate — when my heart is often so heavy and on fire."  Still the moon and her deeds, knew Ramir was full of seeds, and just needed a windy season to spread them along the mire. When this will be so, those seeds will surely grow, and Ramir will have all the friends a sunflower could ever desire.  

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So the moon with her might — blew all through the night, whilst Ramir swayed to the season before him. And in no time at all the loneliest sunflower of was surrounded by hundreds of sunflowers and moonflowers just like them.  

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Now the moon beamed with delight, as she turned out into the night. She silently counted the blessings before her. And the sunflower gazed high to see this magnificent site, and whispered, "Thank you kind moon, and good night."

The Sunflower and the Moon • 2000 — 2001

This series was created for a theme exhibit at the Elena Zass Gallery in Laguna. 
Wood boxes with fabricated objects